Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tired of Lemonade... Bring on the Champagne!

I was taught that I should never give up. When the going gets tough, the tough gets, going... There's no progress without struggle...When life hands you lemons you just make lemonade. If that's the case I should have enough lemonade to quench the thirst of a village for many months.

I am tired of things not going my way. I am tired of the struggle, I am tired of bad news.

I was assigned a new court date of November 17th. Just in case you haven't noticed there's been no happy announcement, no celebratory bottle of champagne, no beautiful little girl gracing my Blogspot. Yes you guessed we didn't pass court. Why you may ask?

Once again they told me that the government agency didn't provide the necessary recommendation letter. Why does it take a month to get a letter? Why is my agency not on top of this? I am confused, angry, afraid, frustrated and deeply grieved. Especially because PAPs from my agency are passing court left and right. I simply do not understand. I am ready to give up because I don't have a whole lot of fight in me. After being through what I have been through I guess I am not so tough anymore.