Saturday, February 20, 2010


This past Wednesday I went to the Ethiopian Embassy to obtain the travel visa. I wanted to make sure that it was in hand prior to my departure to Ethiopia. Although I have been made aware of the possibility of obtaining the visa upon arrival at Bole airport, I wanted to make sure that I had it. The process went very smoothly. I took the YELLOW line to the RED line and obtained a taxi to the embassy from the metro.

  • Paperwork filled out CHECK
  • Passport with me CHECK
  • $70 money order CHECK
All these items were proudly handed on to the clerk behind the window. He then told me he'd have my visa the next day. Now I was not feeling good about handing over my passport. However, I knew I had to so I proceeded to self address my envelope. But the clerk showed a great kindness. He actually told me I could wait for it. YIPEE! I exclaimed to myself as I took my seat and began the wait. The wait was actually only about 20 minutes. My name was called and I went and got my passport with the visa inside. Now I was off to get my travel shots. I will blog about that experience a little later.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dream a Little Dream Once More

I am dreaming again. Bittersweet, bittersweet. I dreamed that my Q was back not only Q but L.L.J. (I could actually call her L.L. Cool J since the initials fit. But everytime I write it It will just make me think about that gorgeous, foine James Todd. Rippling muscles, tight abs, juicy kissable lips. MUAHHH!!!!

Sorry, I digress. That was actually a pleasant distraction because my dream tugged at my heart.

L.L.J. was a foster daughter of mine. She stayed in my home for almost 7 years. I never spoke about her before perhaps I will add more of her story to the mix, perhaps at a later date and time.

I dreamed that Q and L. were back at home and that they got into the closet of clothing. They organized the closet, my closet in such an interesting way. My clothes were pushed to the side and their baby clothes were hung together by twos. There seemed to be matching outfits. Two, two and two etc. While I never really dressed them in matching outfits, people thought that they were twins, fraternal of course, especially because they lookes similar, the matching outfits seemed to symbolize, unity or togetherness.

They were together in my life, and now they are both physically out of my life. L is fine as far as I know. She is 18 now and lives in another part of the state.

In the dream as I looked further into the closet I noticed that a few of the outfits were in threes. I wonder if that symbolized the presence of a third little girl that soon to enter my life. I wonder if that represented Miss Precious.

For those of you that may have been following, No I have not gone to pick up my little girl. She's still in Ethiopia. Why you may ask? Although she passed court in December, there were more delays due to paperwork errors. However, I am traveling soon. More to come...